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Felco Pruners Review: Unmatched Precision for Gardeners

History of Felco Pruners

Felco pruners with dial on wooden table.

Felco pruners emerged from a legacy of precision and innovation. Founded in 1945 by Félix Flisch, a trained mechanic and a visionary inventor, Felco established itself in Switzerland.

Understanding Felco’s history is enhanced by recognizing that the company has been innovating for over 75 years. Beginning in a small factory in Couvet, Felco pruners have grown into a benchmark for quality cutting tools.

The Felco brand represents a commitment to excellence that has been shaped by Félix Flisch’s dedication. During his work at the Dubied factory, Flisch’s inventive spirit laid the foundation for the Felco company. Since then, gardening experiences have been influenced by Felco’s hallmark pruners, which are renowned for their reliability, precision, and durability.

As you examine Felco’s range of tools, you’ll find that each one is crafted with intention and Swiss precision. This is particularly evident with the popular Felco 2, one of the earliest models that set the standard for ergonomic design and cutting efficiency. It reflects how Felco pruners have been engineered with your comfort and gardening needs in mind.

Here is a brief overview of key milestones in Felco’s history:

  • 1945: Félix Flisch establishes Felco in Switzerland.

  • Over 75 years: Continual innovation and technological advancements.

  • Felco 2: Introduction of an ergonomic pruner that becomes an industry standard.

Types of Felco Pruners

Felco offers a selection of pruners to meet your specific gardening needs, from ergonomic designs to powerful cutting mechanisms.

Bypass Pruners

Bypass pruners work like scissors where two blades pass by each other to make a clean cut. Felco’s lineup includes the Felco 2, known for its comfortable padding and gripping grooves, making it ideal for extended use.

Anvil Pruners

Anvil pruners feature a single blade that closes against a flat surface, the anvil. They are suited for cutting through tough, dead wood. The Felco 31 anvil pruner is designed for such powerful cutting tasks.

Electric Pruners

For those of you looking for ease and efficiency, electric pruners offer a battery-powered cutting mechanism that reduces effort. Felco’s range includes electric models that provide precise cuts with minimal strain on your hands.

Maintenance and Care

A pair of Felco pruners being cleaned and oiled on a workbench with a small brush and bottle of oil nearby

Maintaining your Felco pruners is crucial for ensuring longevity and optimal performance. Proper care includes regular cleaning, sharpening, and timely replacement of worn parts.


After each use, you should clean your pruners to prevent the build-up of sap and dirt, which can lead to rust and deterioration of the cutting edge. To clean:

  1. Dry with a cloth if wet.

  1. Spray the cutting head with cleaning spray, such as FELCO 981.

  1. Scrape sap off the blade using a FELCO 2/30 adjustment key or similar tool.

  1. Clean off any debris from the sap groove and the anvil blade edge.

  1. Oil the pruner’s moving parts with FELCO 980 oil to protect against rust and ensure smooth operation.


A sharp blade is essential for clean, precise cuts. Sharpen your blades whenever you notice shredding or rough cuts:

  • Check blade sharpness by making a test cut.

  • Sharpen using a fine file or whetstone, following the original angle of the blade’s edge.

  • Finalize the edge with a few strokes on both the blade and the anvil to remove burrs.

Replacement Parts

Over time, components of your pruners may wear out and need replacement:

  • Springs should be replaced if they lose tension or break.

  • Blades can be swapped out for new ones when sharpening is no longer effective.

  • Refer to the manual for the correct part numbers when ordering replacements.

Usage Tips for Optimal Performance

Pruning shears on wooden table next to foliage.

To maintain the efficiency and longevity of your Felco pruners, follow these straightforward usage tips:

  • Keep Your Pruners Clean: After each use, wipe the blades clean with a dry cloth to prevent sap and debris buildup. For a deeper clean, use soapy water followed by a dry cloth.

  • Regular Sharpening: Sharpen the cutting blade regularly with a sharpening stone intended for pruners. Sharpen at an angle that matches the existing edge.

  • Lubrication: Apply oil to the moving parts of your pruners to reduce friction and prevent rust. Focus on the pivot point and the spring.

  • Adjust Tension: Proper tension ensures even wear and precise cutting. Turn the adjusting knob until the blades have a smooth, gliding close.

  • Inspect and Replace Worn PartsPartSigns of WearActionSpringsLoss of tension or breakageReplaceScrewsLooseness or thread wearTighten or replaceBlades or AnvilNicks, dents, or dull edgesSharpen or replace

  • Proper Storage: Store your pruners in a dry place to prevent rust. Use a protective sheath to safeguard the blades and prevent accidents.

Where to Buy Felco Pruners

Assorted garden pruning shears displayed in a hardware store.

Felco pruners are renowned for their quality and can be purchased through various retail outlets. Your options for buying Felco pruners include:

  • Online Marketplaces:
    • Amazon offers a selection of Felco pruning shears with the convenience of home delivery. Models such as the F2, F4, and F11 are available, and replacement blades can also be found.
    • Other online retailers provide Felco products with potential benefits like free shipping or special deals.

  • Home Improvement Stores:
    • The Home Depot stocks Felco pruners, such as the 5-1/2 in. Bypass Pruner F2, which you can either order online or pick up in-store.

  • Specialty Gardening Stores:
    • You might find a wider range of Felco tools at local or online specialty gardening shops. These stores often carry both the tools and spare parts for maintenance.

  • Felco’s Authorized Dealers:
    • Purchasing from authorized dealers ensures genuine Felco products. Visit the Felco website to find authorized dealers near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gardening shears on table amidst potted plants.

Felco pruners are recognized for their quality and durability. In this FAQ, you’ll find quick answers to common concerns regarding parts, model differences, choices for smaller hands, professional use, unique model features, and maintenance.

How do I find replacement parts for my Felco pruners?

You can obtain replacement parts directly from Felco’s official website or through authorized dealers. Make sure you know your pruner model number to purchase the correct parts.

What are the differences between Felco 2 and Felco 8 pruners?

Felco 2 pruners are recognized for their classic design and all-purpose capability. The Felco 8, with its ergonomic design, caters to users seeking comfort with the same reliable cutting power.

How do I choose the best Felco pruners for small hands?

Look for models designed with a smaller handle and lighter construction. The Felco 6, for example, is tailored for smaller hands without compromising on cutting strength.

Which Felco model is considered the best for professional use?

Professionals often prefer the Felco 7 or Felco 2 for their durability and ergonomic features, which benefit frequent use and can reduce hand fatigue.

What are the distinguishing features of Felco 6 pruners?

The Felco 6 combines high-performance cutting with a compact design, making it suitable for those with smaller hands seeking a heavy-duty pruner.

How do you maintain Felco pruners to ensure longevity?

Regular cleaning, sharpening the blade with a whetstone at a 30-degree angle, and proper lubrication will maintain the performance and extend the life of your Felco pruners.

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