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World Famous – Athens, GA – Merry Christmas

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It’s Christmas in Athens, GA; if you have the chance, eat your food at The World Famous.

world famous athens georgia
It’s all here.

The World Famous in Athens, Georgia
This is fast because it is Christmas Eve, but we did feel like a Christmas post was in order…so let’s make it about something else – about somebody else – about others.  So here is the choice, the only choice it seemed.  Still about design, but about the simple beauty of the design of food and of place and of community.

World Famous has a superb and creative drink menu, live music in an intimate setting many evenings, and their relatively slight beer menu is long on quality, but lots of places have these things. So what is it about World Famous?  Let’s examine one item briefly, the sticky pork bun…

It’s casual, The World Famous.  We order the pork buns and wings always. I don’t even care for wings but these wings are ridiculous.  Wings may have been born in Buffalo, New York, but in the South, we know how to cook fried chicken.  Speaking of chicken, World Famous puts together the best fried chicken and waffles concoction around, but that’s just an opinion.

What is not an opinion is the brilliance of the pot steamed buns, a name not likely to cause a Pavlov reaction in a southerner…unless that southerner was born in Taiwan, as my wife Angela was.  Lucky for me, because at her urging I tried the pot steamed buns, and you know it’s not so strange at all, the housin, red miso pickles, and sweet chili sauce.  With the proceeding description in mind, please explain to me how I just ate the best barbecue sandwich of my life?

Merry Christmas to you wherever you may be.  Here is a link to the The World Famous.

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