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Cercis canadensis – Traveller Weeping Texas Redbud

Every spring I go to my favorite nursery Goodness Grows to marvel at their large weeping Texas Traveller redbud (Cercis canadensis texensis ‘Traveller’). Finally, this year a photograph:

texas weeping redbud
Traveller redbud

With the exception of this gigantic specimen I have never seen a weeping Texas Traveller redbud in the landscape or offered for sale. The weeping redbud in the photograph above is priced handsomely, so it would be wonderful to find a source for these gorgeous trees in a smaller and less expensive size.

An excellent choice for gardeners who want a smaller redbud, the Traveller weeping Texas redbud only grows to 6′ tall or so…a fairly dramatic difference from the 15′-20′ of non-weeping forms.

We tend to grow eastern redbud here in the southeastern U.S., but Texas redbud has a reputation for being more drought tolerant and of smaller stature than the eastern redbud, with red seedpods. From an admittedly casual glance, I cannot tell the flowers apart between the eastern and weeping Texas redbud.

Fairly unusual in flowering plants, the blooms of redbuds are held close to the branches and stems. This habit emphasizes the form of each branch distinctly…I suspect this is a prime reason why the weeping nature of the weeping Texas redbud is so dramatic.

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