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Rhododendron Brandi, Year Three

southgate-rhododendronYou can read about our interest in Southgate rhododendrons over here. The brief story is rhododendrons at lower elevations are not protected from the various problems that bedevil gardeners in the deep South who wish to grow rhododendrons successfully. (See the admittedly presumptuously titled ‘Your Rhododendron Has Died. An Explanation’ for more information as to the reasons behind the problems.)

In our third year of testing, so far the Southgate rhododendrons have done well both in the pot and in the ground. The attached photo is one of this year’s blooms. Each shrub is absolutely packed with flowers. Southgate rhododendrons thus far are highly recommended.

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  1. Douglas

    Planted a Southgate Rhododendron in our yard in Charleston SC . This is a fun experiment , maybe it surprises us but we’re not expecting miracles with temps in late May around 100° F .

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