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Azalea Snow – Classic Kurume

I love the Snow azalea. Covered with small, pure white blooms that explode out of the landscape, especially in shadier areas or late in the day, Snow is a beacon. Growing 3′-5′ tall and wide over the years, Snow has a loosely rounded shape that features smallish dark green leaves and hose-on-hose white blooms without peer for complete coverage of a garden shrub.

Snow Azalea
Snow azalea in the garden.
snow azalea in bloom
Snow azalea in bloom

Like Coral Bells, the Snow azalea is one of the classics of the American spring garden.

Snow azalea prefers partial shade, but what does this frustratingly generic term ‘partial shade’ mean? Gardeners are often justifiably confused about partial sun and partial shade plant tags. In the case of azaleas and rhododendrons (and many other plants), the plants need enough sun to stimulate healthy flowering. The challenge is that too much sun will burn and damage leaves, weakening the plant.

As a good rule, one could reasonably interpret partial shade to mean site the plants where they receive morning sun and afternoon shade. Filtered, indirect light throughout the day is also acceptable. Pines are very good in this regard, and planting azaleas under pine trees is a time-honored garden tradition that works.

snow azalea

Snow’s downfall comes when the flowers fade. Snow azalea’s blooms fade to a husky brown and stay that way, slowly drying on the shrub. Plants that drop their blooms cleanly are good citizens in the garden. While the seemingly peerless Snow azalea does hold a tight grip on faded flowers, it can be forgiven I hope.

One thing I would not recommend is attempting to shear the faded blooms off by pruning. You risk destroying the form of the shrub.


  1. Becky Turpin

    Hunting info on an older Kurume azalea- Ward’s Ruby. Can anyone give me help finding a place to purchase this one?
    I know I haven’t use this location correctly. I apologize. .
    Becky Turpin

  2. Gerry Dunn

    do the white peerless azalea have the drooping branches… I had something years ago I thought was peerless and they were so nice and different.

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