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Koko Loko Rose

Floribunda Koko Loko rose is lovely. Koko Loko’s blooms are smoldering yet soft if such a thing is possible. The fully-double flowers are pale lavender, almost parchment-colored.

Koko Loko is one of the most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen.

The photograph below is direct from a specimen growing in my garden and untouched by image editing.

koko loko rose
Koko Loko rose

My photograph of Koko Loko rose is from a very young bloom. Flowers age to an unusual parchment color after a day or two.

I cannot emphasize enough that growing Floribunda roses and Hybrid Tea roses can be challenging. Growing these roses takes commitment in the form of spraying, pruning, and more spraying. Further, most modern roses, Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras especially, are stiff and upright, which does not lend them to an aesthetic that I can sign up for. Koko Loko is bushy and stays relatively small but it will need spraying in areas prone to blackspot. This is the unfortunate reality of growing many of the most beautiful modern roses.

While modern roses can be awkward in the mixed garden, some Floribundas do fit in amicably.  Koko Loco, in particular, is a nice addition to the perennial border, although the soft flower color does not gather one in from afar…very similar to some blue flowers

Koko Loko Rose Basics

Form is excellent. It exhibits fully double classic high-centered blooms. Koko Loco’s flowers are not particularly long-lived, which is a pity. Still, I’ve not yet met the perfect garden rose.  Foliage is dark green, providing excellent contrast with the flowers.  Growth is pretty typical for a Floribunda rose…around 3′ tall and well-branched. Blooms arrive in flushes throughout the growing season, well into fall.

Harsh afternoon light may wash the color of flowers with softer shades…this is also true to white flowers; consider afternoon shade for the bright flowers in the color spectrum (white, pink, lavender)…soft light makes them glow.


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    Heirloom Roses has Koko Loco.

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