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Francis Dubreuil Smolders Like A Hot Southern Night

I am extremely selective when it comes to roses in the landscape.  Many modern roses are too leggy and stiff for the mixed garden.  The old roses are generally the exception and often fit beautifully into most landscapes.  Which brings us to Francis Dubreuil, all hot and smoldery and steamy.  If you want a dark red rose (and who doesn’t?), Francis Dubreuil, a Tea rose introduced and 1894 is a very good bet indeed.

Relatively easy to grow, disease resistant, bushy with dark green foliage, and double blooms of the darkest red, Francis Dubreuil is sure to please.  Fragrance is compelling, as we would expect from Tea roses.  Grows to 2-3 feet or so and is hardy zones 6b-9b.

Rose Francis Dubreuil