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Lilium ‘Scheherazade’

Scheherazade’  is spectacular. Bred by Judith Freeman, ‘Scheherazade’ is considered an Orienpet hybrid, a cross between a trumpet lily and oriental lily. The original goal of the creation of Orienpet hybrid lilies was to combine the beauty of Asian lilies with the toughness of trumpet lilies.

Ms. Freeman recommends ‘Scheherazade’ to young gardeners because it is so easy to grow and reliable. Good drainage is a must, as the only real threat to lilies tends to be root rot from poorly drained soil.

By the way, the namesake of this cultivar is the narrator and hero from One Thousand and One Nights.

The flowers are huge (8″-10″) and substantial, deeply recurved wine red with cream margins. Stems are stout, 4′ to 7′ feet, and in my experience do not need staking.  Bear in mind I’m entirely comfortable with plants sprawling this way and that. You can grow ‘Scheherazade’ in pots but expect smaller flowers.

‘Scheherazade’ bears its flowers in profusion, a tangle extending from the ground to above one’s head. It blooms late, appearing in August.

Grow in full sun or better yet, areas with afternoon shade.  This recommendation comes from my own introduction to ‘Scheherazade’ on a typically brutal Georgia summer day. I’d been photographing all day and sitting on a bench in the later afternoon under the gaze of ‘Scheherazade’ was just what was needed for a tired, sweaty landscape architect.

Note, too much shade will lead to weaker stems, so ensure there is strong mid-day sun if possible. Wind might be an issue, so a protected spot is preferred.

Those new to lilies (or experienced gardeners in need of a lily refresher) should consider following instructions for successfully growing lilies from the hybridizer of ‘Scheherazade’ herself, Judith Freeman.

Genus/speciesLilium ‘Scheherazade’
Common name(s)Scheherazade lily
Of noteexcellent cut flower, good fragrance, easy to grow, gets large 4′-7′
Water requirementsaverage, moist soil conditions
Soil qualityrich, well-drained, average
Suggested use(s)cottage gardens, mixed borders/perennial beds
Hardiness zone(s)4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b
Typeherbaceous perennial
Deciduous or evergreendeciduous
Bloom periodsummer, late summer
Exposurefull sun, afternoon shade


  1. Amalia Venditti Milford Connecticut .

    Hi I recently saw your white Scheherazade !!!!( I do have the dark ones) I would very much like to buy the white ones . Please please I really like them ..I would like 5 if you give the luxury of Owning them.thank you .Amalia. From Connecticut .

  2. Amalia Venditti Milford Connecticut .

    I think I send to the wrong side. Sorry .it is gorgeous let me say it

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