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Lamium galeobdolon ‘Variegatum’ – Divisive Groundcover

I like Lamium…I really do.  Sometimes we have space to cover and need a tough plant for the job. Still, Lamium can be invasive. I had this one spot in my own personal garden and no matter how I tried, nothing worked. The combination of hot bricks on the edge of the bed, weird sun patterns, and sweltering summers made for a challenging environment.  So I planted Lamium. More than prospering, it actually looks great. Keep an open mind and good things can happen.


Hardy Zones 4b-9b.  Inconsequential yellow flowers that I tend to prune before flowering, probably why Lamium is not invasive in my own garden).  6-12 inches high.

Light shade is best. Some people like Lamium while others consider it a devil weed invading the garden without remorse. While I have not found it problematic in my own garden, I am obligated to report that it has driven many a gardener mad.

The fern in the foreground is more intriguing, but Lamium has its place as a groundcover.