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Anthemis tinctoria – Golden marguerite

A stalwart of the perennial garden, golden marguerite (Anthemis tinctoria, syn. Cota tinctoria) bears beautiful golden flowers in spring. I like tough plants with lacy foliage…something about the juxtaposition of appearance and true nature is compelling. The flowers look like small sunflowers.

golden marguerite
Garden perennial golden marguerite

Golden marguerite is a long-flowering perennial if cut back after each wave of flowering.

It tolerates poor soils and prefers sun. If you give golden marguerite too much shade and too rich soil, it may sprawl in the garden. Anthemis tinctoria is an excellent choice for xeric gardens. It is very drought tolerant once established.

It is a member of the Aster familyThe golden-yellow flowers are daisy form and approximately an inch or so across. The foliage is lacy, slightly fern-like in appearance, and the dark green color is a perfect foil for the brightness of the flowers. The flower stalks rise a foot or so above the fern-like foliage, making golden marguerite especially useful as a cut flower.

golden marguerite
Golden marguerite in the perennial garden

Golden marguerite is not native to North America. It may reseed around the garden but is not considered invasive nor a threat to local ecosystems. The University of Tennessee has an excellent article here.

Scientific name: Anthemis tinctoria, syn. Cota tinctoria
Other Common name(s): Dyer’s chamomile, golden chamomile
Plant type: biennial or short-lived perennial
Height: 18″-36″
Native status: non-native
Bloom period: Mid-spring into summer. Extend bloom all the way to frost by deadheading or cutting back.
Winter hardiness: USDA zone 3-8
Of note: Easy to grow. Naturalizing. Non-native but not considered invasive. Excellent choice for xeric gardeners. Flowering begins in mid-Spring. It has a relatively long-season of bloom if deadheaded regularly. The attractive lacy foliage is dark green and sets off the golden yellow daisy-like flowers beautifully. Tolerates and prefers poor soil. Deer resistant, although if they are hungry they will eat almost anything green.

golden marguerite perennial
Golden marguerite