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Chionanthus virginicus – Fringetree, Old Man’s Beard

Looking for a medium-sized native tree (or large shrub) that is moderate to slow-growing and has blooms in spring that glow in the late afternoon sun or shade?  Look no further than fringetree, Chionanthus virginicus.

Fringetree’s panicles of creamy flowers are the stars of the garden in April or May, but fringetree is attractive even when not in bloom.  Height is 10-20 feet with a similar spread, and leaves are 3-8″ long and opposite.
fringetree flower

Fringetree flowers.

Native to the Eastern United States as far north as New Jersey and west to Texas, fringetree is a valuable addition to the native landscape.  Hardy in zones 3-9, fringetree blooms at an early age, and profusely so.

Fringetree yields dark blue berries in fall that are attractive to wildlife, specifically birds.

fringetree - Chionanthus virginicus
Mature fringetree. Chionanthus virginicus –


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