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Thymus serpyllum – Creeping Thyme

Creeping thyme is a classic ground cover, useful in many situations, especially for the clever.  At home in rock gardens, creeping over a wall…indeed, as a lawn replacement, creeping thyme’s charm goes well beyond its charming flowers.  It is used enough in gardening that a stroll through the neighborhood will normally reveal patches here and there, but even if your neighbors grow creeping thyme, there is no reason you shouldn’t as well.

Creeping thyme can be grown as a lawn and does tolerate light foot traffic (emphasis on light).  Growth is to eight inches or so, count on each plant to spread eighteen inches.  Butterflies enjoy creeping thyme and deer and rabbits do not bother it so much.

Creeping thyme is hardy zones 3-9, and has good drought tolerance. Grow in partial shade to full sun.

creeping thyme