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Nepeta × faassenii – Catmint Walker’s Low

Catmint (Nepeta × faassenii) ‘Walker’s Low’ is a very fine perennial, notable for a longish flowering season.  Growing perhaps a couple of feet high and a couple of feet wide (although habit is spreading), Catmint is one of the first perennials to flower in spring, with blooms lasting for weeks.  Once flowering is complete, you can cut it back for another (much smaller) flush of growth and flowers.

Deer resistance is reported to be excellent, and Catmint is tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions.  Drought tolerant and handles poor soils well.  Hardy zones 3a-9a.

Nepetalactone contained in various species of Nepeta affects the olfactory receptors of cats and is reported to have quite a euphoric effect on those of the feline persuasion.

Catmint Walker's Low

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