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Category: Deer Resistant

Vernonia gigantea – Ironweed: Native. Purple. Tall.

Known as tall ironweed or giant ironweed, perennial Vernonia gigantea is big, purple, and native. A member of the aster family, ironweed can grow seven feet and taller in a season before finally blooming late July to September.

giant ironweed
Vernonia gigantea – a native ironweed that is a solid late season perennial.

Ironweed in the landscape
Being honest, I have whacked ironweed back harshly on more than one occasion, a half-hearted effort at getting rid of it. It’s so big and a bit coarse. Surrounded by more genteel plants one might think the last thing needed is a great big purple plant. Thankfully ironweed bears its name for a reason (it is tough), and I am unfailingly grateful for it when September arrives.

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