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Category: Test Garden

Included in this section are plants we are testing through multiple seasons before recommending to clients. Sometimes our opinions change over time. Many of the plants included here are newer cultivars.

A few words about Felco pruners

There are certain things that represent the epitome of craftsmanship. All-clad pots and pans are found in the great kitchens worldwide. Many writers carry a moleskine journal everywhere they go. In the gardening world, Felco pruners hold such a mystique.

These tools do not make us better cooks or writers or gardeners; the most important thing is commitment to being present. Quality equipment allows us to be consistent. Felco pruners are expensive upfront, but perfect for those of us who belong to the ‘buy once and have it last forever’ tribe of consumers.

felco pruners
Felco 2 pruner

About Felco Pruners
Felco pruners’ dependability and history have led to a loyal following. Felco equipment are Swiss-made and have been around since 1946. If you are buying your first Felco pruner, the  Felco 2 is an excellent choice. It is a bypass pruner that is easy to carry as you journey around the garden.

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