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Category: Architecture

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

I rode a Triumph motorcycle to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Fallingwater (Kaufman House). I mention this because it was hot, and the house is near Bear Run, Pennsylvania. I have never been to Pennsylvania and I got lost, purposefully at first, on the highways of this beautiful state. There was lots of pie eating. I remember that. Finally Fallingwater appeared…or at least the parking lot did.

After signing in, off I went down the path to the most iconic residence in American architecture.

fallingwater frank lloyd wright
The landscape envelops Fallingwater.

To the staff’s credit I was allowed to roam around the place pretty much at my whim.  So many things disappoint when we finally experience them, but not this place. Fallingwater is stunning and so is the landscape, the testament to Wright’s commitment to both architecture and the landscape and their meaning as one.

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