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Camellia japonica ‘Morning Glow’

Pure White Camellia, 1948
Introduced in 1948, Camellia ‘Morning Glow’ has flowers of classic form on a plant that grows vigorously upright.  Blooms are fully double and pure white, sometimes exhibiting yellow tones.  The dark green foliage’s contrast with the white flowers is what makes the plant so completely dramatic.

I typically consider Camellias a wonderful backdrop in the garden, basically ignoring the flowers.  ‘Morning Glow’ and a new favorite, Camellia japonica ‘Desire’, are rapidly changing my perspective from indifference to admiration.

For some excellent tips on growing these solid evergreens, check out Joe Lamp’l.

camellia japonica morning glow
Camellia japonica ‘Morning Glow’

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